Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am eating a poppyseed muffin today. And it tastes gooood. Why is this rebellious? Because if I get randomly drug tested in the next couple of days, those poppyseeds are going to show up as opiates and my company doesn't consider muffins an excuse.

Meanwhile, I was brought a next full of fledgeling swallows this morning. The lady who brought them didn't seem to appriciate that I wanted to return them to where they were found so that nature could take it's course. She said to me, (a bit coldly, actually)"I guess they're in God's hands then" and I said "yes. and sometimes that is the best place for them to be"

I have learned from the saving of animals that unless it was human intervention that caused thier problem, it is often best to let nature take it's course. Mother birds push thier babies out of the nest to teach them to fly. While it is highly likely that the dog will eat them, that's nature. I don't have to like it, and I would never harm the birds directly, (unless they needed to be put to sleep like a gopher I once knew) But I also understand that some just won't make it. And with all the swallow nests there are around here, I think plenty will. It's hard to let nature take it's course. But honestly, since this place was built, we have had more and more swallows come here each year. Which means more pairs are mating and raising successful nests. If each nest has 4 babies, and there are at least 100 nests, that's 400 new swallows. If even 10% of those die, that's still 360 swallows, 300 of which will likely come back next year along with maybe half the original 100...that's a lot of bird shit. So lady, don't be angry with me for allowing nature to take it's course. dogs eat stuff (especially this one). The stronges survive. For me to take care of these birds would meanmissing work time, tending them at home (the last ones I brought home kept me up all night), which means less time I can spend with my existing pets, and so on. Thankfully, the Landscape manager agreed to take care of them, so they are out of my hands. But I want to know what it is about people that they cannot leave well enough alone?


Sargini said...

Reblius girl. Wooo, I love lemon poppie seed. Because of the drug testing thing I don't eat them anymore. I feel bad for the lemon poppie seed farmers. They must have lost a lot of sales with all of these drug free companies. That can't leave well enough alone. Not everyone can move on like a Virgo. Try not to let it upset you.

Ginamonster said...

I am at peace with the idea that not everybody is going to like me and that sometimes my actions will make people mad. but I have to do what I think is right.

Sargini said...

Yes if you think its right than it the right thinmg to do. I totaly agree.
Good morning