Monday, June 06, 2005

Ha Ha!

hee hee. someone found me by searching "Pee Next Stall" sick, I know. but I think it's funny!


Sargini said...

Why dont you ever go o my blog? When I met you you said,"I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me that my stories have inspired you. I will keep checking in on your blog, if you will keep checking on mine. Not that I will know th differnce, so I guess I'll just check on yours. Take care of you." Since this time I left a numrous amout of comments on your blog and you have taken 5 minutes to read mine. I dont know why I'm upset, you are a virgo and it's all about you. If you are trying to improve our life you need to keep your word, or don't say it at all. I know you have a million things to do well so does eveyone else. I have been so busy I'm barely doing post myself. Check the dates on my comments and compare them to your post. I'm a Scorpio we put others first before we worry about ourselves. I am a prisoner of what I say and free of what I don't say. Don't say things if you don't follow thru. Its a virgo thing but you can be strongr than that. Find your flaws and work on them. Yes I have many and it's a never ending mission. Every time I overcome one it gets easier the next time. Yes the Unniverse rewards me all of he time.
If you think my blog sucks just tell me, but leave a comment. Capt. left one comment and it was one word. What a friend.

Ginamonster said...

You are correct sir, I will add you right now to my favorites (as I intended to do before) and therefore you will get checked at least once a day as long as I have internet access.