Thursday, June 09, 2005

Unexpected Healing

Last year, when I was in Hawaii, I took a friends advice and hiked the Healing Grounds. This is a place on Oahu, I can't remember why it is the healing grounds, although there was supposed to b some sort of medicinal herb garden display or something. (I didn't find it)
Regardless, I went to the healing grounds alone one fine day and hiked the 4.5 mile loop. It was lovely, although I think it would be better to take a hiking buddy on all hikes, this one had some sheer drop offs on both sides sometimes, and if I had fallen, I would have been gone forever.
So I made a comment the other day about having been to the healing grounds but I wasn't healed, I only lost an earring.
What I realized this morning, was that in losing that earring, I was forced to take the pair out of my rotation. Why does this matter? Because the earrings were a gift from C, who had just ended our relationship. In fact, he was supposed to be in Hawaii too. If every time I wore those earrings, I thought of him, then it would have taken that much longer for me to work through my pain.
And so I was healed, if only a little. It just took me a year to see it.

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