Friday, June 03, 2005

maybe he's not so bad...

since the goat didn't make any noise last night, and didn't start bawling until 6 this morning, maybe he's not so bad. but I am still thinking that a goat (as is the dog) is more than I can (want to) handle. although, I did go out there and play with the dog a bit yesterday, which was kinda nice because she got some needed exercize (poor thing was winded after three fetches, and I DON'T throw far) and I got some fresh air.

BTW, I cooked myself dinner two, no THREE nights in a row. and it was all edible! actually, it tasted good. you can't really screw up pita bread pizza, but the ground beef could have been a lot worse!

I feel as though I am headed back down the path to self sufficiency. I branched off several years ago when I discovered that I am lazy and men like to do stuff for us poor helpless womenfolk. I didn't realize how much of my personal power I let go of when D moved in and taught me that it's easier and quicker to eat out, and here, let me take care of that oil change for you. Somewhere along the way, I didn't bother to recoup my losses. I think I would like to have my life firmly in hand again before I try dating anyone. Not that I have had any offers, of course.

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