Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wednesday fun

every week I try to send something interesting to my friends so that they know I am still alive and they can have a smile. Often, it's a sound bite, but since I found out that not everyone can hear those, I try to send other stuff too. Sometimes it's website wackiness like virtual bubblewrap or the drunk guy. I like the drink guy. he yodels. So this week, I sent the following message.

Today's Wednesday fun is brought to you by:

Gina's brain. Prepare to be somewhat baffled by the depth of my thought process.

So I was reading an article on the Terry Schivo autopsy today, and I came up with the following figure based on a statistic I saw there.

Your brain (if it is average size) weighs about the same as 12 boxes regular size paperclips.

I guess that would give or take a few depending on if you are brain damaged. Or a fat head. If you stick paperclips to your head, you will not get smarter. But you will be more magnetic. ok. Time to go.

My sister threatened to send me to to loony bin. I'm not sure why I think of every weight in terms of paperclips. maybe it's because they are the only item I know the weight of...(about 1 gram)

Meanwhile, I went to the county fair with girl roomie last night. we had lots of fun. We talked to the guy at the petting corral (I really wanted to pet the camel. but not it's toes...) and he said our goat needs another goat to keep him company. I said no. I think girl roomie is still holding out to keep Cody. He's cute (even though he woke me at 1 this morning eating and sneezing outside my window) but even if it were not for the noise and poo on the porch, we know we have to move in about 6 months, if I can't afford to buy us a home, we will have to rent. It's already going to be hard to find a place for us and the dog, and probably boy roomie, (people are easy to find homes for, but it can be difficult in my area to find a three bedroom rental we can afford)somehow I doubt we'll have an easy time finding a home that will allow a goat. Plus, with a farm animal, we are very restricted with where we can look. WE can't go too much further into the country because girl roomie works far away. Plus I like to be within 10 minutes of the mall. I think I have said this before...If so, sorry for being repetitive.


Bluegrass said...

As I was reading this I was starting to laugh harder and harder. I was worried Cody was a male, eating outside your window and all the poo, you understand why I was laughing. You must also be a Bob and Tom listener, mentioning the camel toe. I have a three bedroom for rent in KY rural area and goats are welcome. Nice blog and very good story telling, keep it up.

Ginamonster said...

I'm glad you enjoy it! Should I decide to move to KY, I will let you know. Right now, that would be a terrible commute to CA for work!
I don't listen to Bob and Tom, but DSC on 101KGB sent us listeners to a website,, which will make you cringe, and gasp in horror, then laugh and tell all your friends.