Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Office Politics

Office politics are strange. They are even stranger when you have relatives working for the company. You end up having to separate your personal feelings from what you see and hear from other people you work with. You hear things at home about others that make you want to question your opinion of them. I am not going into details, of course, I just wanted to express that sometimes, I feel like I am caught in a whirlpool, not of my own issues, but rather those of the people around me. How they interact with each other. I am stuck, sometimes, between a rock and a hard place too because my job requires that I stick to a certain format and when that format is not followed by, say for a big example, my mom, it makes it especially hard to deal with.

I hope that made sense, I try not to say too much about where I work or who I work with because I have been warned that people have lost their jobs over stuff like that, and I need to be working, thanks, the soap thing has not taken off yet.

Actually, there are difficulties and poilitics there too, and there are only two of us! T warned me about this, but I trusted. Trouble is, my partner has contributed only ideas at this point. I have put up all the funds, and all the work. I sit at home at night and trim or wrap soap while she is out and about. And she is holding up the resale license process. She told me before that this was my thing, that she just wanted to help, and it was my choice to make her a partner, so how do I un-make her a partner without hurting her feelings? The business would be moving so much faster if I didn't have to wait for her. I respect that she wants to be out playing all the time (although I think she needs to be home spending more time with her dog) But I don't want to split 50/50 when I have done all the input. Plus I cannot get a bank account without her there and a partnership agreement, which we need to get done, it seems, to cover my ass...it would be so much easier to dissolve the partnership and go on by myself...

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