Monday, June 20, 2005

how could i forget?

I had a massage on saturday. It was nice, but I must say the following:

I was not impressed with the Hot Stone Massage thing. I have a friend that used to massage me that would sometimes place warm stones on my back while she worked on my legs and that was just wonderful. but the rubdown with the stones? I didn't like it so much. Her actual massage technique was wonderful and well worth the money, but I couldn't wait for the rock part to be over so that I could have some more hands on stuff. The rocks were often too hot, but just as I would be ready to say something, they would cool enough to be ok.

The therapist gave me a lovely compliment which I haven't shared with anyone else because I thought I might sound braggy, but since this is my forum to brag if I choose, then I will tell you that she said the following:

That my hair felt just like cornsilk, and how it reminded her of when she was little, and living on a farm. How she and her siblings would shuck corn for her mother and pretend that the ears were dollies, with silk for hair, and my hair brought her back to that time in her life. I was flattered in so many ways, not just because my hair is soft and silky, (it is??? Thanks Pantene!!) but because I was able to help her remember happy memories, and that she was comfortable enough with me to share this. The last was the most flattering of all. I could have sat with her and chatted all day, but I had to go because my ride was leaving. I like it when people tell me thier happy childhood memories. I got the feeling her childhood was not easy, which means that even the smallest happy memory is precious.

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