Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tarot and Gophers

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

Apparently, this is me. I probably should have read it more carefully. hmm.

So there was a gopher incident.

Monday night Girl Roomie and I were watching the most recent of Peter Pan movies but not Finding Neverland which I still have not seen. Shush, I haven't seen the most recent Star Wars either. Suddenly, the Molly Monkey starts barking like crazy. We tried ignoring her, but she kept it up. We found a flashlight and a very excited dog outside. (thrilled to pieces is more like it) Mighty Huntress that she is, she caught a gopher. I don't know how since she didn't dig up the yard and gophers are quick little f-ers (um, hello, Caddyshack??)

So, the gopher is alive, but not moving, so we did the nice thing and brought her inside via frisbee-stretcher, found her a box and put her in it. How do you know it's a she? well, first of all, if you have ever seen a male rodent, it's quite obvious that they are male. Also, I put on my rubber glove and gently examined her for puncture wounds etc. Not really bleeding, but not moving on her own (she just twitched) the determination was made that she was broken and that we should really put her out of her misery. But with what? Neither of us is the kind of person who could violently kill something, even in mercy, and we decided that anything we mixed up to gas it, even on a cotton ball would likely kill us too, or my lovely Baby who has delicate lungs. (ammonia and bleach were our first thought) or worse, whould not kill her, but make her suffer more.

The box was left in the kitchen with a sign that said, "Poor Gopher. Euthanasia?" Tuesday morning she was alive but still not mobile. (waste system working well) Same for the afternoon. I had asked my boss what the best way to deal was, knowing my pest control friend would tell me to step on her or something. or laugh at me, I'm not sure.

When boy roomie came home, and after the neighborhood kids were done wandering the streets, we put boss's plan into action. we cut a hole in the box and slid it onto boy roomie's tailpipe (on his truck!!) since his is the oldest of the three vehicals and apparently barely passed smog last year. Within a few moments, the little gopher was sent off to rejoin the universal conciousness, and I think I am forever changed for having had to make the choice to end the suffering of another being. I'm glad we were able to find a gentle although warm solution.

Here is my disclaimer. I do not support cruelty to animals. I do not support putting them to death unnessisarily, as is indicated by the fact that I have gophers in the first place. I think they have every right to coexist on the planet as we do. I will not be responsible for anyone using carbon monoxide to harm themselves or others. This blog is for me to share myself and my experiences. It is not intended to teach methods that harm.

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