Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Man, It's been a long time!

Wedding went great. my favorite part of the rehersal was when my littlest sister (two and a half) spit into the holy water font. becuase kids do stuff like that. I didn't let her see me laugh, and yes, she was repremanded for being disrepectful. I don't really think God minds. I think children are funny on purpose.
Favorite part of the wedding was (other than the whole thing) when the bride started singin "goin to the chapel" in the limo and all the bridesmaids joined in. I got goosebumps.
Sunday I did not get sunburned at the beach. Plus it's Red Tide time and if you have never seen it at night, it's gorgeous. I can't explain it, but it's a must see.
Monday my step brother's wedding went great. I accidentally caught the bouquet.
Yesterday I panic-ed because T anounced that he was coming up and would stop by. I know I am supposed to see him tonight anyway, but I panic-ed. He didn't make it, but he did call me to explain why and sounded happy to speak with me. (don't get your hopes up, gina)We also worked out the logistics for tonight.
Last night I played amazing flying gina trying to keep my boy roomie from seeing me in my sports bra and now I have a painful foot and rug burns all over my legs. I think it's funny, wish I had video, as usual.
New coworker started yesterday. I knew I would like her if I could just get to know her.

Has a couple of epiphanies over the holiday.

one. That old people drive slow because they have learned that life is precious and cars can kill ya.

two. That although I like haveing a boyfriend, I like myself better when I am single. So I must not settle for anyone that I do not feel free with. (now to implement that...)


Sargini said...

Have fun bonding (making love). Or have fun closing (final fuck). What ever you call it, you just want sex. I give up with giving you advice.

jen said...

Hope all goes well tonight. Power to the Monster! :)

Ginamonster said...

Sargini, it hurts me that you would assume that my intentions were ever to have sex last night. I'm really not that kind of girl. Even if it were not bad timing, I respect his decision to end our relationship, and I know that gratuitous sex is not for me.I get hurt because I cannot separate physical from emotional. My intentions were to take my friend out to dinner for his birthday. I knew that it was possible to reunite, but not probable. Even though he paid for the evening (damn him!) I still do not see it as a date. and he, is also not looking for a good time. He also respects me enough to not take advantage of my company. He's an honorable man. I would lose his friendship if I had ill intentions. I knew going into it that I may have to walk away from our friendship, after last night, but that was a risk I was willing to take in order for me to get some peace. AS it is, I feel very at peace with the way things went.

Jen, as always, thank you for your support.