Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Last night

I spent the evening with two of my favorite Canadians...Doug and Bob McKenzie. They're pretty funny, eh?

"I am your father, Luke. Come over to the dark side you knob."

I rewound that part until I remembered it.

Then I watched my bungee jumping video. It was an amusing evening.

Since I don't have any 14 year olds to observe, I thought I could read my old journals. I learned two things. That I still strive to be interesting to people I don't know. (it's sad how many of my entries started with or ended with something to the effect of, "you may not think thi is important, exciting, interesting, etc.) that I have been chasing the ideal man since I was 9 (!!). and that I had a lot more control when I was 15 than I do now. I guess that's three things.

I also learned that since that little girl still lives inside my head, reading my journals does not give an accurate discription of 14 year olds. guess I need a plan C, since movies don't give an accurate portrayal, they are written by adults.


Sargini said...

Hi monster I'm sorry I get stupid sometimes. Besides that I found Darth Tater at K-mart and me son did not want it. I almost bought it for me.

Sargini said...

I have observed 14 year olds. have to say they always have somethuing to prove. They get their feeling hurt easy. They fall in love to easy. They are not scared to take on the world because they dont know failier yet. They spell like me. If you are still having a hard time letting go of "t" it's probably because you are compulsive another Virgo trate. Your feelings get hurt easy because your a Virgo. You act likea kid sometimes because your a Virgo. You let people(men) step on you because your a Virgo. You jump from one topic to another becuase your a Virgo not suffering from A.D.D. Your not afraid of commitment you are just looking for mister perfect Not because you are 14 and still believe in a perfect man. It's because your a Virgo. I know you like your phyciatric doctor. I dont like them. They are trying to help people be something they are not. Well what is their picture of a sane person????? Are they hoping to tell me that I am to sexual that it can not be, its not normal. Maybe they are a capricorn and don't realize how sexual I can be. Do you understand if they dont have a manual of you how are they going to know how to fix you. What is everyone the same??? Are they looking for a paticular model they want you to be. Astrology is so need to help with mental health and they just dont see it. A bunch of Egotistical doctor that wont look past what school of medicine has taught them. The Brain works this way etc...

Mike said...

Cool blog!

You should meet more Canadians. :)

jen said...

I don't think we are much different from when we were 14...except we can drive and buy our own stuff. As sargini said...14 year olds fall in love quickly...we do too...but at 14 we proclaim it, not stiffle it. ;) It's hard to know why we are how we are...but the best thing to do is take a good look and accept it. No need to "improve" on the monster. You are a beautiful soul. I know where you are coming from, but I truly believe when the time is right, you will "get there"...wherever there is.

Ginamonster said...

Sarge, you are always forgiven. Thanks for coming back and always being you.

Mike, I know many canadians. I have yet to meet one I don't like. I know they are likely out there. but hey, they all seem so NICE!

Jen. There's always room for improvement. Thanks for loving me the way I am.

NWJR said...

I love Bob and Doug, eh? I used to watch SCTV (we lived near a border town), and those guys still crack me up.

And, like, they're just like my Canadian relatives, eh?