Thursday, July 21, 2005

Go back to Med School, Sis

Talking to the bug guy yesterday. He often regales me with stories of well...stories. First, you all would be amazed at the things people demand of him (I once called him and asked him to tent my office trailer because there was one pincher bug. I was kidding, most people are not)

So because of the large amounts of rain we got this year in my normally dry climate, we have a lot of bugs. Trailer Town seems to be plagued with tiny spiders. Tiny. Pinhead. Too small to bite. I leave them alone because they aren't hurting me and they eat other bugs. Many people around here want their office fumigated. Good thing for BG though, is that he get to see all sorts of bug bites. One girl hiked up her skirt to show him, and when he told her he could see her thong, she said it was ok.

So yesterday he gets stopped by someone. He wouldn't tell me who, and I'm glad. She says to him, "BG, I think I got bit by one of those spiders, and now I think I have chlamydia". He looked at her for a second and tried to think of a good way to break the news without a sexual harassment suit. he finally settled on "Um, you know that's like, a venerial disease, right?"

She was very embarassed, I'm still laughing.

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