Friday, July 15, 2005

My happy place

We all have them. But last night I had the opportunity to visit one of my happy places and I feel very at peace with myself because of it.

I went kayaking for the first time in many months last night. In addition to the joy I feel with each stroke of my paddle, I have to say that my favorite part of the evening is always the end.

Not because it's over, but at that point, it's twilight. All is quiet and the water in the bay is smooth. In the harbor, it is almost like glass. All I can hear is the rhythmic splash of my paddles as the propel me through the water. Sometimes, I close my eyes and get lost in the moment. But not for too long, I don't want to hit anything. It's one of those moments when life is perfect.

Another thing I love about kayaking is that when I'm out there, I am concentrating on paddling. I'm not thinking about my personal issues. It's just me and the elements. Total paradise. There are those who have suggested that I try a canoe. I have. And I do like it. I have a certification in it. But I like kayaking getter. In a regular kayak (not the sit on top kind), you're practically in the water. but you are on top of it. Since I prefer dry land, kayaking gives me the feeling of being in the water, the floating boyency, the connection with nature, without having to submerge in it. Don't get me wrong, I like to swim (NOT IN THE BAY!! EEW) but I am afraid of water plants and the ocean floor where I can't see it. I prefer to float and be near the water if I can. Strange for a girl that wa born and raised inan ocean town. But I'm afraid of lakes too, so, oh well.


Sargini said...

Hey thats great sweetie pie. I left to Puerto Rico today. With my wife and son. I love coming to see my in laws. I love being on vacation Woo Hoo.... At least here my mother in law has DSL, yeah it´s worp speed on the information supper highway. WEEEEEEEEE. I´m still doing my blog while here and I´ll come to see you to. Hey how do I do a blog roll. Please if you could help me undewrstand how to start one it would be greately appreciated. Talk to you later. The only difference here on this computer thats a down fall is that I can´t surf porn.

Ginamonster said...

YAY PR! someday I will visit there. Hope fun was had by all!