Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dear Fellow Hikers

I would like you to know that I absolutely love hiking with you. I love to meet you and your dogs on the common hiking path. I would like to request, however, that if you are going to bring your dog with you, that you pick up his poo. even if he goes off the path, I can still smell it. poo is stinky. I hike up the mountain for FRESH air. not poo air. If I want to smell dog poo, I'll stay home. Molly makes plenty.


PS if you have a silly little rat dog, please remember that they are not made for hiking. They are made for the Paris Hilton Wannabes to carry around in silly little dog carriers. They are not made to taverse miles of terrain strewn with boulders bigger than they are. furthermore, it is too hot to carry little furballs back down the mountain, so do yourself and your puppy a favor. leave them at home in the air conditioning.

PPS if you are too stupid to bring your own water to hike up the hill in 100 degree weather, please remember to bring some for your dog. he is counting on you to take care of him even if you don't take care of yorself. And while you're at it, bring one of those neat collapsable water bowls. your doberman isn't going to get enough water if you pour it out drinking fountain style for him to lick. and a capful is not enough for your chuihuahua. If this is too much to carry, perhaps your dog would be willing to do it. They make really neat harnesses just for this. I used to backpack with an English Spaniel that carried her own food. She was cool.

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