Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Thanks Sargini, the blogslax worked great.

I watched "A Day Without A Mexican" last night. It brought several things to mind.

1. Should something like this actually, happen, would I be included in the latino majority? I know that I embrace my latin roots even though I don't express them genetically. I also do not speak spanish, but really, neither does my dad (except when it involves money), he forgot it all because there was no ESL when he was a kid, it was English or nothing. But trust me, I am well aware that I didn't get my Ghetto Bootie from my mom (she who is shaped like a 12 year old boy)and I am very proud of the fact that my curly hair is passed down from my great grandmother. But is this enough? I know that I preach that we are all Americans regardless of our ethnic heritage, but in the movie, the people who dissapeared were Americans too. (United States of Americans, Sargini)

2. My thoughts on open borders aside, I have to admit that if all the migrant workers dissapeared, California would be fucked. Because frankly, they do the work that many of us consider "unworthy". I don't know any American Citizens who consider picking fruit an alternative when they get laid off, instead they sit around and collect unemployment until the next corporate option arrives. Don't get me wrong, I know that not all Latinos pick fruit for a living, but thank goodness for the ones that do. They are certainly more humble than I.

3. I was very excited when, during one of the Border Patrol Scenes, I saw my name on the white board. I'm not sure what that board signified (missing officers?) but there it was, my last name, usually forgotten in the history books unlss it is a Key Word. My family has been in this area for generations, and we ar rarely if ever mentioned. I knew of course that there must be an actor or something with that name, so I watched the Credits and there he was, part of the crew (an important part, I might add). So I think I will google him and try to email him. It is past time that I became a part of my family.

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie. I'm glad I watched it.

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