Monday, July 25, 2005

here's a thought

An article on Fox News referred to Homicide Bombers in London. Homicide Bombers, not Suicide bombers. I like that. If you take away the suicide status, doesn't this mean they are no longer martyrs but rather killers? since Martyrs are often considered heros and killers bad guys, if we take away thier martyerdom, maybe they will stop blowing themselves and everyone ese up. maybe we will force them to change thier perspective because there's no glory in sensless murder. My sister has read the Q'uran. the prophet Mohammed did not intend this. Let us stand together and call these bombers what they are. abomidable. sheep. murderers. (They are not murdering sheep, they are behaving like sheep. baa) They are not furthering thier cause by exterminating infidels. They are murdering innocent people.

I pondered this idea as I climbed the mountain this weekend, and here is what I thought:

That if God is all knowing and created us all, then how can a reasonable person believe that the killing of other people is God's will? If I built a cabinet, and someone came along and burned it, I would be angry. But, let us play the devil's advocate. if I built a cabinet and I didn't like it, and someone burned it, I would thank them. BUT since a cabinet is not alive, it isn't a very good analogy anyway. AND I try not to assume I know the will of God. BUT I do believe that God is within all of us. That life itself is devine. While death happens and is a nessesary part of life, I do not think that murder, even in the name of God is right. However, I do admit that I get a bit fuzzy on that when it comes to capital punishment.

T has been reading a book on the origins of Tao. Sounds very interesting. He pointed out that China, the world's oldest country, has never had a religious war. I can't wait to dig into that book!

I'm thinking that if I am to be a minister, I need to start reading up on religeons not my own. You know, so I am not ignorant. I should probably go buy a Bible too...You know, because the Song of Soloman is SO romantic...

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