Thursday, July 07, 2005

How it went

Last night was nice. We hugged when I arrived (on time, I might add) and then we headed to the restraunt. We chatted and talked about this n that. I learned the hard way that when the menu says "Seared and rare" it means cooked on the outside, raw on the inside. I ate it anyway. He stole the check. I ordered an expensive meal thinking I would be paying for it. But he threatened to take his clothes off if I argued further.
We picked up tea and headed to his place to watch "The Last Samuri" his idea. I was game. We sat on opposite ends of the couch as would be appropriate. When he walked me to my car, it was gone. Towed. So I stayed the night, he on the couch, me on the bed. Had to go get supplies, and he took me to get my car this morning. He offered to pay the fees. Or half the fees, but I didn't let him.
All in all, I feel very good about the evening. It was, as I told myself, Just Dinner. He offered to take me out to dinner (again) to make up for the towing thing. I figure if he wants to find excuses to see me again, that's fine with me, and I can expect a call tonight or tomorrow. The lovely thing about it is that I know he really will call. Does this mean my hopes are up? yes. they are. but i will continue to tell myself it's just dinner unless it turns into something more, but, hey, no expectations, right?

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