Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Monday

Speaking of Mondays, hows about we start seeing them as a fresh new day and a great start to a new week instead of our least favorite day because we have to go back to work?

Over the weekend, I didn't do much. I also never heard from T, which causes me to feel hurt and upset, and also angry. The hurt and upset I can take responsibility for because I appears that I expected too much. The anger, I think is justified because he behaved just like most of the other men I have dated in that he said he would call, and then he didn't. I thought he was so much more than that. If he wasn't planning to call, he shouldn't have told me he would. I did manage to get through the weekend without dwelling on it, but today I am. He emailed me this morning, I have not composed my reply. I am glad to hear he is still alive and that everyone is healthy in his world (which is the excuse I gave him for not calling) but I think he needs to know that I am angry, even though I would like to say, as I did with E, that I wouldn't be angry with a "regular" friend for not calling. Which is true, but I also know I need to quit making excuses and allowing men to hurt me.

One good thing about this weekend, I told myself that I was going to start hiking a local mountain every Sunday, and I actually did it! It's two miles round trip, and a pretty steep climb. I was TIRED whe I was done, and I'm a bit sore today, but I think if I keepp it up, I should be in great shape in no time.

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