Friday, December 09, 2005

Selective Hearing

Most of the time I will tell you that I'm just plain deaf. I con't hear most of what is going on around me, I think that because of ADD I have learned to tune out in order to focus (don't ever try to have a conversation with me while the TV is on. I won't listen to you.)

People come to my office door all the time. We have a doorbell so that I know they are there, since I can't see the door from my computer (bookcases in the way). Funny though, today, I hear a voice say, "Ooh boxes, I'm going to snag those". I don't think my chair has ever moved so fast as it did when I blocked that box theif. We agreed that I would bring her my boxes as i empty them, as I am moving NOW not sometime after Christmas.


NWJR said...

Box thieves are evil incarnate.

Good block.

Sensei Ern said...

Although, I am pretty empathetic about most things, I have to say, if your office looks like a storage room, and people don't even know you are there, it is not their fault.

It's not like they saw you and said, "You might be using them, but I will take them."

How about breaking them down flat, buy some packing tape, and when you are ready to move, you tape the bottom back shut? My wife and I did that for our move.

We got ten boxes in the trunk of our Miata when broke down.

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