Thursday, December 08, 2005

The sad part about moving

The little boy accross the street lost his mom about this time last year in a tragic, uncontrollable medical um, tragedy. Actually, there are three children accross the street but I am closest to Tyler, and he is the oldest. He's the one who would climb into my lap when his father would invite me over for dinner. He and I chat about school and toys and all the stuff that is important to kids. He's a nice little boy. this year has been hard for him.
So last night as I am gently hollering at him to stop and look both ways before crossing the street (gently because I said "sweetie" so he wouldn't think I was being mean), he stopped (after looking both ways) in the middle of the street and announced that he bought presents for his brothr and sister, and also his dad and grandma. He said that tomorrow (which would be today) they were having a store for neighbors n stuff, and I'm his neighbor, right? Yes, I replied, I am your neighbor (a little voice in my hard continued, "this week") Then I will buy you a present.
Which was so sweet it just about broke my heart to know that I am one of his only adult friends, and I am leaving him. I told him he didn't have to buy me anything and to spend extra on his family. Maybe he will compinsate and make me something. I think I will make an effort to pick up a little something for him and his siblings. Maybe I will have time to throw together a couple of sock monkeys. Their dad said they would like that. Maybe I will make an effort to stay in his life, even just a little.