Friday, December 23, 2005

I just became one of those...

I called the tax people to tell them I moved. I didn't have my tax ID number handy. I felt like a big idiot. but not as big of an idiot as I would have felt like if I had gotten as far as telling the guy I don't remember my new address.

Meanwhile, I made Nanaimo Bars (ok, they'll be wedges because I don't have a square pan) for T as his christmas present with plans to give them to him tonight when he comes over to help move the rest of my stuff. I have two minor problems.

The recipe calls for egg but doesn't say to cook it. I figured out from my other recipe that the heat from the chocolate is supposed to cook the egg. but, what if it wasn't hot enough? I mean, what if the egg is still raw?? eeew! what if my nanaimo bars are no good?

T isn't coming over tonight because he has a few things he needs to take care of and I let him off the hook. but not until I remembered that Nanaimo bars can be frozen (duh, Gina, they are a Canadian treat). So they will have to wait until Monday. That still doesn't repair the egg issue. I just realized that if the Nanaimo bars are in fact as yummy as T says, that in the future, I could make mini Nanaimo bites with my tart shaper. ooh. I like the tart shaper.

Meanwhile, in other cooking misadventures, I was going to make white chocolate snowmen last night, but my white chocolate coating went bad. it turned yellow. then it seized in the pan. so I added milk to try and smooth it out, and it came out looking like something the bird puked up. I don't know what the moral of that story is, but I did make chocolte covered marshmallow chunks. I'm calling them "coal" and I am giving them to the people I forgot to remember when I was counting office mates. This year I put together movie time treat bags because I can't afford to send everyone to the movies. I'm feeling insecure about the worth of my gifts. Which is why I no longer like buying presents, because I don't think I spend enough, even though giving is not supposed to break the bank.

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