Thursday, December 29, 2005

the benefits of being sick

So, it really sucks that I am still coughing, but I am not surprised because when I get sick, it goes to my chest and I cough for weeks. However, one of the strange things about being sick this time is that I have had no desire for food. none. I just don't want to eat. it's like I am depressed. the other odd thing about this is that when I haven't eaten, I start feeling very menloncholy. did I mention that I had to put myself to bed twice on Monday? it was bad. However, on the upside, it appears that not only am I looking almost svelte (ok, that's an exagerration, I will never be svelte, my boobs are too big) but, today, for the first time ever, I am wearing the pants I am wearing. Usually, there is far too much pulling and cellulite on my ass to wear the pants that I am wearing (it's a three piece suit, jacket, pants, skirt. I usually wear the skirt. today I couldn't find the skirt so I tried the pants).they fit! very well! oh happy dance.
And, in other happy news, I conditioned the crap out of my hair (which has been on the frizzy side since all the dying madness) and now it feels so soft I can't stop touching it. which is a little creepy because I keep petting my hair and looking at myself in all the glass doors. more than usual (I can't help it. every time I see my reflection, I'm amazed that it's there. It's a surprise, like looking at pictures of myself. every time I see me I go, "hey, look that's me!! so that's what I look like. cool" so really I'm not narcissistic, (mostly) I'm just facinated with my own image. uh, um, yeah)
In other news, not nessesarily happy, my tea smelled like the petting zoo this morning. so either they are feeding the goats chrysanthemum tea, or um, the petting zoo tastes good?


NWJR said...

"my tea smelled like the petting zoo this morning"


I'm switching to coffee.


Ginamonster said...

lol. Just stay away from the chrysanthumum tea.

Gary said...

Somehow, I don't think the ptting zoo tastes good.

Sensei Ern said...

I like chrysanthumum tea. A friend of mine, from China shared it with me one time when I was sick. I felt better almost instantly and could finally breathe clearly.

This was when I realized that modern medicine is not all there is. It also helped me realize that science does not answer everything and that science may often dismiss things simply because it does not yet understand.

That is why I do not disregard metaphysics. I have seen martial artists do things that defy natural science as it is now measured and understood. I have seen things that science does not have an explanation for, but instead dismissed as hooey.

Science is the same force that said the world was flat, until explorers provded otherwise. Science said the earth was the center of everything and everything revolved around it. Established religion may have defended that misbelief, but science is where it was first established as a theory. FYI, the Bible never says the earth is the center of all things. (I hate traditions of men.)

xwuyhue: The misunderstanding that science is opressed by religion, but in fact those who do not trust solely on the Word of God, yet claim to be religious, and try to reconcile religion with science by compromising are those that oppress science