Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be

One day, I got a bug up my butt to join in on a local radio contest. Not literally, that's gross. The grand prize was a date with one of the DJ's (you know the guy they make do all the crazy stuff on the morning show.) and a trip to Hawaii. I sent in my picture and made it into the top ten based on internet voting. yes, I stuffed the ballot box by emailing everyone I know and having them submit a vote. There was a trip to Hawaii on the line!! Plus that DJ seemed like he would be a lot of fun based on his rendition of "American Woman" as a chicken. what can I say? I like silly men!However, I had a really good feeling that I wouldn't win. There was 1 man who entered, and by the looks of him, he was quite a charactor. I figured that any man who would enter a contest like this and take the pictures he took during the photo shoot (he did not wear a bikini. I did. so somewhere, out there, there are photos of me in a bikini and barbie heels. I don't think it's as hot as it sounds, and no, I do not have copies of those pictures.) So I emailed him. and when the night of finals came along, I went, partially in case one of the other contestants didn't show, and partially to cheer him on. He won, of course. The DJ, not wanting to go on a date with a guy, sent me with him instead. (we got to know each other a little bit via online chat. I tried hitting on him that night, but he rejected me outright. apparenly, I'm too young for him although his current girlfriend is oh, 10 years younger than me. go figure. I think I have given up on hitting on men.)
The winner was interesting. He was really nice and had a great personality. i sat with his family and we all cheered loudly for him. He had a face like a cartoon. This is not an insult. I really liked his face. it had more charactor and personality than most. Plus, he was a natrual clown. he was the type of person you could imagine with his own game show.
We had a great evening, and lots of adventures that night wandering around downtown and terroroizing Dick's Last Resort. We even discussed me going to Hawaii with him, although I made it clear that it would be a friend type vacation and that I was not interested in him romantically. We stayed in touch for awhile, but our friendship faded.
It faded because he was bothered by my religion. You all know that I don't push my beliefs, and if you met me, you would never know which way I lean unless I told you. But eventually, this information comes out because it is a part ofwho I am. Just as being Christian is a part of who he is.
In his defence, he told me that it bothered him a bit, although I didn't realize how much until he stopped responding to my emails. It saddens me that he was unable to get past our differences in faith, as it is not an issue for me. A person's faith is a personal thing that cannot possibly be completely understood by another, even of the same faith. But it is worth mentioning because it was the first time that I was rejected on basis of my religious leanings. It was also the last, and I hope that it remains that way.

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inconspicuous attack toad said...

i just read your post about wanting a new site design. if you need any help with the background you liked from my site with the floating lemons let me know! i'd be glad to help if i can.

jen said...

It's hard enough to find good people in this world...it really bugs me when people make those choices based on things like religion. It's not like you are a Wicca pusher. Geez. :(

Ginamonster said...

Marisa, thanks.

Jen, I know. but really, it's his loss. being closeminded never got anyone anywhere.

Sensei Ern said...

Unfortunately, GM, it is part of being a CHristian. We take the Bible as being God's WOrd. In His Word, He instructs Christians to "not be equally yoked" and it is a refernce to marriage, business, as well as any other partnership where we have to share the responsibility.

It doesn't mean we can't be friends. That is why I have no problem being your friend.

A lot of Christians get confused and think it has to go to the point where we are to not associate with unbelievers.

There are some thigns I wouldn't participate in, like a Wiccan meeting, but I would have no problem hanging out with any number of whatevers...as long as you don't turn me into a newt...unless I got better (reference Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

As Christians, we need to be vigilant about our testimony, and sometimes, for our own good, we have to say godbye to things we enjoy.

I'm not going anywhere, any time soon. I enjoy our conversations. You and Jen are very special friends to me.

idrtrpn: Peter Pan's messy younger brother

Ginamonster said...

I would never turn you into a newt, and I promise, I weigh more than a duck despite my leanings. I also would not ask you to attend a meeting, I know your faith is strong and I do not believe in evangelism.
I do not think badly of this person for choosing not to be my friend, I understand that it is his belief and even if I think it is silly to end a friendship because of religion (unless it's being pushed, of course) I do respect him for not compromising himself.
I'm glad you aren't going anywhere. You tend to make good points and I too enjoy our conversation.

pkheituf: the sound I made when I tried zycam chewables. I don't recommend it.

Gary said...

I think the interesting thing is that most Christians, even when they are of the same denomination , have somewhat different theological views. So I think it's really more about labels than anything.

Sensei Ern said...

Since he had thoughts more than friendship, I bet it was hard for him to make the decision. Think of how hard it would be for an alcoholic who has sworn off the stuff to be in a bar.

They have no intention of drinking, but being around it, it is all they think about.

It's not about labels. Being a Christian is about developing through life. Several years ago, I would have thought talking to a professed Wiccan would be absolutely wrong.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that if I abstain from others, they will only have caricatures and predjudices of who I really am.

lehduz: What you use a stamp on, duh!

Ginamonster said...

I think being human is about developing through life. we all make choices based on how we are feeling at any given moment, and our beliefs at that time. to live is to grow and change.

Yes, they can be scary and exciting times. I get the head games too. maybe when I am grown up with kids my dramas will stop involving convicted criminals and shotguns.

Sensei Ern said...

You are right, GM. Being a Christian is about going through life and developing with the guide of the Bible narrowing one's path.