Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Land of the oversize vehicals

I'm not sure what it is like in places other than San Diego, but here, the bigger your car, the richer you are. I have mentioned this several times when complaining about large trucks tailgating me. Yesterday, I saw a Hummer parked in my new Apartment complex. I was brought up mid to lower middle class, that is, at one point, we had a grouply owned boat (still in the family, but no longer accessable to me) and at another point, we lived on top raman. To me, a cupboard full of food is amazing. So in my mind, you live in apartment because you can't buy a house, and house and hummers go together. In East County, where I live, it's not so much about the Expeditions, as about the F350's lifted. These are desert rats in my community, or, they are pretending to be. I live in the valley of the redneck.

So this morning, when I got out of my car, and turned to leave for the timeclock, I knocked my shoulder hard against the sideview mirror of the truck I parked next to. I'm 5'5" with my heels on, so you can imagine how high the truck sits. I hit it hard. It reminded me of the time when I got out of my car and ran face first into the sideview mirror of the RV parked next to me. Another shining moment I wish I had on camera


NWJR said...


You don't want that on tape. Stupid video, like stupid pictures, lasts forever.

Ginamonster said...

but you can also laugh forever.