Friday, December 09, 2005

mirror? tweezers?

So today at lunch, I noticed that one of my work friends had nose hairs hanging out. I wanted to tell her, I really did, but I didn't have the heard to embarass her that way. I mean, food in the teeth, that can me fized as well as a booger hanging out. But nose hairs, those need removal. Prompt removal along with that random hair that sometimes grows out of my chin. (I call it a stray eyebrow. I don't like to talk about it, but ladies, you know we all get them. I'd like to pretend it's some freakish transplant from whatever hot guy I have been kissing, but we've already establised that I don't have anyone to kiss.There goes that theory) So now that I didn't tell this coworker, who really would have approciated the notification, I now have phantom nose hairs tickleing my nose. great.

By the way, my grandmother gave us permission to tweeze her moustache if she ever grows one but doesn't notice. This came up because my other grandmother (the dead one) had long hairs growing from the sides of her mouth and she didn't tweeze them and we didn't have the heart to do it for her (we didn't want to hurt her feelings by attacking her with the tweezers. I mean, it's bad enough when you're in a home and the nurses have to um, help you in the bathroom without having your granddaughters coming after you with grooming tools all the time.) So when she could only have thickened liquids due to the cancer in her throat, the jelly-like substance would get stuck in those little hairs and REALLY gross me out.

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