Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brassier Madness

I'm moving. and by moving I mean that my crap is slowly trickling from my house to my new apartment. Since I am moving into an apartment, I won't have a washer and dryer, so I have declared that I will take advantage of the one at the house as long as I can since I am paying for them anyway.
My bras need washing. So I left them at the house thinking I could just wear a sprots bra in the interim. Sports bras don't help on cold mornings. they don't hide what I like my bras to hide. Thankfully, I found a brand new one in my drawer that not only still had the tag on it, but it matched my shirt today. Problem? so much support that I am busting out of my shirt. can't close my jacket, and my buttons are pulling so you can SEE that my bra matches my shirt. If I thought this problem would score me a date, it would be a good thing. but instead I imagine all the girls who don't know me are whispering "slut" behind my back. Maybe THAT will score me a date*. hmm.

*I still don't date work boys. I might consider an exception with Handsome Richard. Given our lack of conversation, I doubt that will be an issue.

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