Monday, December 19, 2005

Queen of the Farm Girls

My given name is Regina. I have never cared much for it, in fact, my mom named me that so she could call me Gina. I have always known that my given name meant Queenly, or A Queen in latin. this was confirmed about two minutes ago on this web site:

But before I looked up my given name, I looked up the only name I answer to, except perhaps Monster. In Greek, Gina means Farm Girl. Which makes me Queen of the Farm Girls. Now postrate yourself properly and bring me some ice cream. with caramel sauce and a very attractive sex slave. queens shouldn't have to go without.

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Sensei Ern said...

Sensei Ern

Sensitive, emotional and caring you seek peace and harmony and desire to work for the benefit of others and society. Your talents and abilities may draw you towards teaching or service occupations where you would be a natural success. Although quite reserved your courage and ideals mean that you are single-minded and industrious in pursuit of your goals. Your affectionate and giving nature means that you are loved by all.

kesmpmlo: The sneaking suspicion that all of these personality tests that Gina keeps posting are either planting viruses, or are being kept by the NSA.