Friday, December 09, 2005

Conversations with my family

Lat night at dinner, we were discussing castration techniques and the sad truth behind ranching as I devoured a big juicy steak. mmm steak. The conversation ended up this way:

Brother: It's a good thing that we no longer have rabid tree climbing cows.
Momi: Rabid Tree Climbing cows?
Brother: Yeah, we took the nice ones and domesticated them into the ones we have now.
Momi: Really?

I looked everywhere but my mom so that I wouldn't burst out laughing and ruin the fun and, choke on my steak in the process. I swallowed my steak (no, it wasn't a tube steak you sicko) threw my head back in laughter and whacked it on the back of the booth. My mom felt the impact across the table and promptly started making fun of me. Once I stopped crying I teased her a bit about being gullible. We all made fun of me some more before I burst out laughing and whacked my head again. then it was time to go. Good times, good times.

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