Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Working from home

So, really, and mostly my own fault, I'm broke. I knowI could manage my finances better, and really I'm working on that, but this does not help the fact that right now, at this moment, I don't have as much money as I would like to have.
So yesterday, when I recieved my weekly pennysaver, I thought I would check the help wanted section to see if anything caught my fancy.
The first option was from a sincere couple looking to pay at least $40,000 for a surrogate mother. Hmm. but do I really trust a couple who would advertise in the pennysaver for an incubator? I mean, I was looking, so other people like me probably look, but something just sounded odd about it. Plus, I'm not so sure I want to spend 9 months pregnant with a child I will probably never see again. For my sisters, I would do it. for a stranger, I'm not so sure. Although the temptation is occationally there to sell my eggs because, hey, I'm not using them! and hey! people actually pay for those, and Hey! men sell their sperm, right? (except that men have an unlimited army as I do not)
So I looked at work at home opportunities, which all sound great except that I have been bitten twice by that and I don't really want to be bitten again. The first time was through a friend of my mother who assembled jewelry at home. I sent my money and application, and never heard from them again. I sent letters, but eventually had to kiss that $150 goodbye. The reason I was trying to work from home is because I needed money, not because I had it to spare.
The second time, I signed up to stuff envelopes at home, but found out that the envelopes I would be stuffing were envelopes advertising how you can stuff envelopes at home and so on. There was a money back guarantee, but I missed the deadline. I can't remember what happened with that. Likely another waste of funds.
This time, I went to the websites advertised. And saw that yes, it is possible to make $15 processing rebates or money entering data, but the data they showed looked more like spam to me, and the rebate comany didn't really say what the rebates were for. Both companies wanted $100 to sign up.
Yes, I am willing to work at a store or something for extra cash. But wouldn't it be nice if I could work from home at my leisure? (Remember, I have a start up business to run) I guess the moral of the story is, there are no free rides and nothing takes the place of hard work. Thank goodness I learned that lesson when I was younger. I hope no one is getting hoodwinked by these companies.


Sensei Ern said...

I worked for a couple who did coupon book advertising. It was legit and cost them about $100 to pay for all of the equipment(bought on their own, not from some scammer) and I went to the businesses and convincd them to buy. It was very profitable.

Gary said...

This world is full of so many scams that it's a wonder that we don't fall for more of them. I hope you find something to bring in some money, though. Money is nice to have.

Ginamonster said...

I worked for Entertainment Publications which puts out the infamous Entertainment Book. It was a good, legit company. I don't think job opportunities should cost you money, they are supposed to make you money! Unless you are investing in a franchise or business of your own. but $100 for access to a list of potential employers? I don't think so!

Sensei Ern said...

Seriously, a second job is good for the single person. Think of all the times you wish you had an extra hundred bucks.

Forget getting rich on a second income. Do something simple.

I recommend being a waitress. Work at a chain, like TGIFridays or RUby Tuesdays, or Applebys. FOr a couple reasons. If it isn't your main job, and you use the money just to get the fun stuff of life, you can be a lot cooler with the job.

You can tell the boss that you might be late because of you day job. If you let the boss know through your attitude that he has no control over you, if he hires you, you can be a lot easier. If he says you gotta work late..."Sorry boss, I gotta be up at 5am. I need to leave at 9pm tonight." What's the worst he can do? Fire you? Whoopi! You don't need the job.

You will find that as a waitress, knowing you can walk away and not miss it will give you a better attitude and your easy-go-lucky attitude will reflect to your customers and you will get bigger tips.

The second reason for working with a chain is that if you ever go on a vacation, most chains will let you pick up work wherever you go. Say you are going to Ocean City, Maryland for a week. It looks like you are getting low on cash, you take a shift on Tuesday and pull in an extra $250 in tips. THat will make the vacation a whole lot more fun.

Beyond that, having a second job will make your first job less stressful as you know that should you lose your main job, you still have some money coming in.

bltowk: to be chained to your desk and dream of being free.

Ginamonster said...

Actually, Waitressing is a job I have always thought i would be god at!