Monday, January 09, 2006

Very Excited

I bought my very first brand new couch this weekend! It's light green, very pretty, and I'm very excited about it. my first couch was a hand me down from my sister, the second one, a friend gave me. It cost me $15 to leave it at the dump. Have you ever been to the dump? let me build a mental picture.
the couch Tammy gave me was big enough that at 5'4", I could lay down on it without scrunching up too much. That made it about 6' with the arms. My CRV holds about 5', so you can imagine that when I loaded the couch up, it stuck out a bit. Although it was in pretty good shape, the thrift stores would not take it due to cat damage. I went to the dump, paid the entry fee and thanked goodness for all wheel drive. I reached the dumping spot, and got out of my car. I think I was the only woman there, and I was alone. All the present men (about 20 of them) turned to watch as I hauled the couch out of the back of my car and onto the ground. Their amusement was apparent. I don't like being watched and was very happy to leave.
But back to my new stuff. I also got a coffee table and my apartment is starting to look like a home. Like a big girl home, not a cluttered up junk filled space you can barely walk in. Mostly becuse all my clutter is still in boxes or in the office. However, the coffee table has little drawers that pull out and I was able to put my rocks in there. You can see them through the top. fancy.
that's all for now.

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