Tuesday, January 31, 2006

damned if ya do, and damned if ya don't

So one of the guys I have been talking to on MySpace finally gave me his number (since I wouldn't give him mine) and said that girls never call guys. While this may be true in his world, I told him that if I say I will call, I will call. (I did not tell him I would call)
After recieving his number, I decided that I was not going to call. That I didn't see a future between us, and I wanted to be up front and honest. (I don't want to waste his time and possibly his money going out when I am not really interested) I sent him a message telling him this as kindly as I cold, because, why keep beating around the bush?
Apparently, I proved his point about girls calling and also about something else which he said he would discuss later.
People keep telling me that all they want is for men/women to be honest with them. But when I am honest, I am the bad guy. I don't think men should have to read my mind, so I really want to be honest when I am not interested, right away, so things don't get misconstrued. I don't want to string anyone along, but I'm mean if I cut them loose?
I don't get it.


cyouincourt007 said...

oh man oh man.....balance is key to all......too much of one or the other is no good.......progress forward on your journey without concern for the lil details or for those who may not like your choices.....be confident in the end that all will work out fine...its a small world with lots of people in it....virgo snakes are wise,observant and highly analytical...unfortunately analysis paralysis will starve your soul and get u nowhere fast...

Sensei Ern said...

Paul the Apostle said, "Let your Yea be Yea, and your Nay Nay."

Just be straight with him.

Gary said...

Good for you.I say accept that they will be disappointed but never never let them make you feel bad for saying no. After all, they've said no to a lot of females in their lives, even if it was just by not asking them out.

Ginamonster said...

I figured saying no now would save a lot of sterss in the long run. and I wouldn't ask anyone to sit on the phone for me by telling them I will call when I don't intend to.