Thursday, January 05, 2006

ooh. That's naughty

Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted that she is not only Bulimic, but she has also experimented with drugs. Hollywood, by nature, breeds starlets with eating disorders, so I am not going to go into a tirade about how she should love her voluptuous body and all that because frankly, if people were constantly taking my picture and anylizing my waistline (or in her case, boobs) I would likely develop an eating disorder too. and, how many people do you know who, at 19, have not tried some sort of illegal drug? I know I did. But that's another story.
What does get me riled is that she denied it. Who's going to believe that shit? "Oh, no, I don't hve an eating disorder, I have just been eating more healthy. My body is supposed to look skeletal" or, in the immortal words of Kate Moss, who insisted that she did not have an eating disorder, "I just don't like food". They must really think we're stupid.Humans like food. we need food, it's called life, deal with it. Anyone with a high school education can see when someone has a bit of an eating problem. Illness (and yes, I know this is an illness, I'm talking about cancer and flu type illness) notwithstanding, skeletal people have something wrong with them. I grew up in the 80's with pictures of starving Ethiopian children on newsbreaks during Saturday Morning Cartoons (right before Cal Worthington and his pussy cow, oh fooktactular one). I know what hunger looks like, and Lindsay, (and Nicole) you are it. Quit lying, eat something, get some counseling, we'll still love you.

So I discussed this with my boss, who suggested that perhaps these people are being sustained by love. I told him that while love may have some nutricious value, that isn't likely to sustain human life. When he got the gist of what I was saying, he shut up really quick. I love grossing out my boss.

In the meantime, I am having nylon issues today and I am really cranky about it. Once size does not fit all and if they can't make some that can resist a hangnail then I don't think I should be expected to wear the fucking things.

Went swimming for exercize last night. Yeah. Couldn't pull a 200. I am ashamed. But I will keep on swimming for exercize because it's good for me and will shrink my ass. I didn't, by the way, buy the scale. yet.

I am a computer genius! ok, not really. I did hook up my home pc last night. both of them, actually. with a kvm switch. One of the computers works!! (the other one may not have actually been fixed after it went to sick bay. I will be checking it out tonight as long as I don't get wrapped up in another puzzle) It turns on, but that appears to be it. Could be that the kvm switch doesn't work right. Could be that I am just pretending to be computer literate. If not for Mike, (see sidebar. He's Norbert's owner.) I wouldn't know what a kvm switch is.

Since I have been bitching about everything today, my boss has labeled me "Nag with a snag" he's funny.

Last night, I had oatmeal for dinner. I made up a rhyme about it. it went like this:

Scroatmeal... eew. Oatmeal will never be the same. the picture that conjures is REALLY nasty. blah. and now all of you will think of scroatmeal when you have oatmeal and, ha ha ha ha ha!

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