Friday, January 06, 2006


So I exercized some more last night after I cleaned my whole house and did not start another puzzle or figure out my computer situation. which is good, because now I am counteracting all that movement with a Scor bar I bought yesterday along with my nylons, which I must say tastes a lot better than the twix I also bought.
So the point of my story is, that I think I pulled a muscle in my inner thighs because it hurts right there as if I got some, and got some GOOD, except that I didn't.
Yesterday I signed up for Dance classes like I have been saying that I am going to do for 3 years. In fact I stopped calling myself a belly dancer because I haven't been dancing. But last night, I put on those arabian rhythms, and circled my hips like someone was watching. I even pulled out my veil (the cute red paisly one) and swirled for awhile. I'm very proud of myself.
that scor bar was so good, it's gone now. Thankfully, because it is tofee, I can spend the rest of the mnorning removing it from me teeth, which makes it a longer lasting candy bar.

On another subject, I think I mentioned about a month ago that my father ad made contact. The real reason he made contact was because he wanted to borrow money, and he was asking my mom because for some reason (could be the fancy job and the lexus) people think she has some. She really doesn't, although she probably has more than me. I don't know, it's not my business. So, because she can't tell him no, and because we both have hope that he will heal himself into the person that we know he can be, she loaned it to him. then, we didn't hear from Daddy anymore. Until yesterday, when he called her to tell her he had her money and could pay her back now. He also has a PO box. And someone keeps calling the bubble phone and hanging up when I answer. He also has his own cell phone and is currently living in a hotel until he gets a job. I want to hope that this means he really is cleaning up his life, but like I told my Aunt Valerie, if he wants a relationship with me, he's going to have to chase me around for awhile. I have tried enough. Sad to say that about your father, but I've shown up at his house too many times only to have him gone/not answer the door/ send me away because he's "sick" (high).

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