Monday, January 16, 2006

I need a vacation after my weekend

Had fun with Guy, he was dissapointed in dealbreaker, but we got along well and are going to remain friends. We went to old town and walked around and toured the Whaley House, which, if you're in the area and want to experience some ghosties, I recommend it. They were active while I was there. Small children who haven't learned not to, might see all sorts of things (there was a girl of maybe 4 who saw a child dancing, and then a baby sleeping, all in empty rooms) I was aware of a couple of presences and had my own experiences. it was great.
After, I went with C to see if we could catch a glimpse of the satelight that was reentering the atmosphere. Went all the way to the desert to see, nothing. But, we had a good talk about our friendship and where things are with us now and in the past. I didn't go to bed until nerly 5 am.
after I dragged myself out of bed, I headed to Wal Mart where I was inspired to plant a porch garden! i'm growng sage, strawberries, cayanne peppers (which I don't eat but I want to grow anyway), basil, lavender (girl roomie gave me a plant for my housewarming present), Lemon Balm, rosemary, and oregano. then, there was a frost. dangit! I'll be checking on the plants tonight and now that I have charged my camera, I'll take some pictures to share. Unfortunately, i did not have my camera for the Whaley House trip. That would have been cool. Poor ghosites, all these people tromping through thier house taking pictures all the time!
on a completely different subject, My mother informed me Saturday that she was talking to a person who knows (oh god, not this again) and apparently Handsome Richard likes me (why do I feel like I am in High School??) but he has a girl friend. I still maintain that he is handsome but I couldn't say whether I "like" him because well, we never talk, except for the occational Hello and he's so quiet all the time that I don't know what he is like personalitywise. Since I am comfotrable around his coworkers, he gets to see me in all my whacked out glory. So I couldn't questio how he could "like" me when he doesn't really know me. madness, all of it.


Gary said...

Maybe you ought to check Richard out. I can't see how you'd have much to lose. Gotta crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.

Charlie Foxxtrot said...

I wonder why pot smokers always seem to be so "evangelic" with regard to their "hobby"? Had he not shared that little tidbit of information so soon in the process, the two of you could have gotten a little better aquainted and then (if his usage is as casual as he stated) he could have made a decision to quit without you ever having been aware he used. I wouldn't consider that dishonest unless you had asked him point blank if he used when you first talked.

Just out of curiosity, does HR know you think he's handsome?

NWJR said...

You're growing sage, eh? Is that what you crazy kids are calling it these day? *wink, wink*

Just kiddin'.

:-) <----See? Big kidding smile.

Ginamonster said...

Charlie: He brought it up, not I. This is not something I generally ask about. And I agree, you make an excellent for whether HR (and thank you for the new designation, can't figure why I didn't think of it!) knows I think he's handsome, I've never walked up and told him, but when I asked my mom if she told his friend I thought he was handsome, she looked very guilty and said yes. so it's possible that he has heard that information through the grapevine. I work at gossip central. I'm sure it's all over the property by now.

nwjr: I am very offended that you would imply that I was growing anything other than a perfectly legitimate kitchen spice that happens to smell like another kind of herb when you burn it, which sadly for me, is my intention (burning, not smoking!!) see how offended I am?? yup. that's me, being offended. (*wink*)kisses!