Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Probably not

So, I keep getting these offers in my email to buy property in Costa Rica for 25K, and while it's certainly tempting to know that I could own a piece of this lovely country, somehow i don't trust it. Mostly, because althoughI hear they love Americans down there, I am not a citizen of that country. and I know that in Mexico, Americans can't really own land. and if they think they do, the government can take it away if they want to. I don't think that's a bad thing, I just see that as a warning to perhaps not buy land in forign countries. especially ones where I don't speak the language. especially ones where they are selling land via spam. But I would like to visit Costa Rica. I have to get my passport first. and keep reminding myself not to try and pick up the frogs even though they are cute and colorful.

Meanwhile, when I went over to te house to mark my stuff for the Salvation Army (with paper, not pee), it was all under a ginormous tarp with the landlords stuff. SO I had to cancel the pick up. and I had to talk to the landlady. We were nice to each other. I still would rather not seek her company. And I have to go back over there today when I just want to go home and get back to my puzzle.

Puzzles are evil attention keepers.

I am going to start back up on my exercize program tonight! yup! I'm done coughing, so I'll be in the pool swimming my hiney off. cuz, you know, it's getting kind of big. And I figure all that mucous still in my system, well, the filter will get it. eew. And I think I may also pick up a scale and keep it in front of the fridge. so I have to step on it to get to the cookies in the feezer. you know, the thin mints from last Girl Scout campaign. I'm kinda sick of thin mints now. shouldn't have bought 17 boxes. But Emily got her duffle bag! which made her a way cool girl scout and me the best aunt ever! ok maybe not ever. but close.


zazzafooky said...

MMMM - Thin Mints! :-)

I'm going to have to try the scale in front of the fridgey... very clever!

Charlie Foxxtrot said...

"Americans can't really own land. and if they think they do, the government can take it away if they want to."

I don't know if you've been paying attention to any US Supreme Court rulings lately, but they've pretty much agreed it's legal to that here as well.

Oh yeah....I'm 40 (ish) and I take offense at your characterization of us 40 somethings as "ewwww". :-)

Gary said...

If I KNEW I could buy land in Costa Rica and never have it taken away from me, I would do it in a heartbeat. But not from spammers.

Ginamonster said...

Charlie dear, I don't see you blogging about chasing after women my age. Therefore, you are not an icky type 40 year old. Meanwhile, you're right, sadly, commercialism has reached new heights when the rights of a business overrules the rights of the people. I don't agree with eminant domain. At least here, you are compensated. In MX, they just take it.

Gary, well, yeah, me too, but I really don't think that's the case or else "rich" americans would just guy Costa Rica. Cuz, I hear it's a pretty neat place.