Friday, January 27, 2006

Conversations with communications

My friend in the communication department just called me. The conversation went something like this. I'm funny.

W: (no, not the president. also not the W I dated long ago.) Is Grace gone for the day?

Me: No...

W: Maybe you can help me. are the consultants still on property?

Me: I don't know. Try asking Rob

W: who is Rob do you have his number?

Me: He's in charge of that project. I don't have his number, his last name is ******* (we can look up anyone on our phones, even if they are staying in the hotel, which has been cool for me because sometimes I find my dad in there)

W: oh, and what is his number?

Me: W, do you really think that be asking me that question in a different way that you would get a different answer? I've had way too much coffee today for that.

W: it's been a long day...


Gary said...

I guess you can't blame your friend too much for trying.

Ginamonster said...

no, but I can make fun of him! Don't worry, he gives me a hard time all the time.