Wednesday, November 30, 2005

With compliments

The checkout lady at the grocery store asked me yesterday if I watch "What Not to Wear". Thinking I was horribly dressed, I panicked momentarily until she told me that I was dressed like I not only watch the show but pay attention and dress accordingly. Wow! I dress like a TV star! Actually, I try to dress like my mother (at work), who is a very well dressed fashionable 50 year old. Don't tell her I said that though. It's the whole seperation of identities thing.

Meanwhile, at work, a woman I don't know very well but she is a very well dressed classy type commented on how I always stand so proper, like a lady. Which really made me happy because I strive towards the classy. I want people to think I am a lady. a la Julie Andrews. (except with an openly dirty mind. is that an oxymoron?)

And this morning, when I left, I saw that Girl Roomie wrote me a poem. It goes like this:

Roses are Red,
Carnations are Pink
I Like Gina
Because She doesn't Stink.

Hooray! i don't stink! I have a fear of being stinky! I remember all the stinky kids from elementry school and I remember that I didn't want to be one of them. It wasn't until later that I learned that I was a stinky child, mainly because I didn't shower, but since I coldn't smell myself, I didn't know! Now I shower every day, but I still woryy that I smell bad. So telling me I don't stink, is a huge compliment.

Speaking of roomates, they have cleared me to move. Girl Roomie may already have a place lined up but if it doesn't come through, GRBF will pay my portion of the rent for January.(!!!!) And Boy Roomie has such strong faith that everything will work out just fine for him that he's not worried. I envy that faith, because while I too believe that everything will work out fine, I still worry that it won't. so I guess my faith just isn't as strong as his. then again, he's willing to live in his truck if need be, and I am not.

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