Friday, November 11, 2005

My sister is funny.

Little Sis calls the other night from Pensylvania at 10 pm my time, which made it, I don't know, 1 am her time, to tell me that one of the Juggies on the Man Show looks just like me. That she must be my twin because the smile, the walk (did she trip over her own feet? because if she did, she might really be my twin)the mannerisms, everything was just like me. On one hand, this is very flattering because the Juggies, are hired for their looks. I mean really. The want ads must look like this:

Do ya have big tits?
Look good in a short skirt?
Pouty lips? Pageant hair?
Contact Adam Carolla (spelling??)
No brains required.(If you have them, don't tell us)

On the other hand, um, I forgot. but honestly, guys, I don't want to know where your other hand is.

Oh wait! now I remember, on the other hand, I guess that means I am not one of a kind. How can I be different when there is someone out there just like me?


jen said...

There is no one exactly like you. Impossible. :)

Ginamonster said...

Thanks. I hope not. I'd have to kill her. the worlds just not big enough for the both of us