Tuesday, November 29, 2005


in the course of conversation with T, I had to explain the following terms:

Blumpkin, Dirty Sanchez, Hop n Gobble.

eew. And no, I am not going to pass along the definitions, it was difficult enough to define them the first time today.


Zube Girl said...

Ha! I know the Dirty Sanchez, though I don't know the others. Have to do some internet searching.

jen said...

This Wisconsin girl has never heard of any of them. :( I feel naive.

Ginamonster said...

Feel blessed that you don't have friends to dirty up your mind for you. I did not have to explain to him what a Donkey Punch is.

With the exception of the hop n gobble, I tell myself that people don't really do these terrible nasty things. I know people who do the hop n gobble. but not me, that's gross.