Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sorry, No

No wild stories from dinner last night, unless you count the part where he helped me manuver my trash can down a two foot drop so that it could go out to the curb.Ususlly, since the cans reside in front of her car, I take then out before Girl roomie gets home, but her car wasn't moved for two days so...
Just told T the story of C. apparently, he found it typical.


inconspicuous attack toad said...

we got a letter from our trash collector and they want us to put ALL of our cans out even if they aren't full and leave them out the next day until 6 p.m. so they can count how many our street has. ok. weirdos. but this is for ALL of november AND december. how long does it take to count cans?!?

Ginamonster said...

Apparently, 2 months. we have so many different collectors on my street, that sort of thing would be pointless.
But, if you live where I think you live, then you're all weirdos up there anyway, so I'm not suprised.