Friday, November 04, 2005


So I get out of my car this morning, and see someone driving slowly trough the parking lot. I looked over just in time to see him hang out his car door and spit a decent amount of fluid onto the pavement. As he drove by I was hit with the overwelming scent of Listerine. (A scent I am very familliar with because my boss eats Listerine strips more frequently than a junkie injects heroin) My question is, shoudn't your swishing be done in the bathroom where no one has to step in your expectorant? When did it become ok to spit stuff out on the ground? What kind of mother did not teach thier children that when you leave nasty stuff on the ground where people can step in it, you are bound by karma to step in something icky yourself? It's paramount around here. Do you know how frequently I have to step around loogies and little brown piles of used chewing tobacco? and now I have to wade through an ocean of Listerine splat. Thanks, neglectful mothers of America.

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