Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh the busy girl

Harry Potter Movie: Good
Garage Sailing with the Girls: Also Good
Knitting the rest of the day away with my Seester: Great!
People watching at a Santee Bar (The lead singer of the band wore leather pants. Leather pants are not good): Laughable
Hiking Sunday with T: Hooray!!
Knitting the rest of the night away: A great way to end a great weekend. Plus the neighbor brought homeade lasagne. come to think of it, I had a very well fed weekend. also, I have decided to go Ice Skating more frequently. I need to stop watching "The Cutting Edge" it always makes me want to skate. not that I can do any tricks, really, I can't even go backwards, but I still like being on the ice. except when I fall. then it hurts.

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