Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The day after

I had lots of great Trick or Treaters last night and had a lovely time passing out candy and watching disney movies before I fell aslep on the couch. i briefly considered handing out soap samples, but decided that was totally lame and behaved myself. Yes, that would have been in addition to the candy. I met some of the neighbors, which was very cool. they all admired Baby, and one kid told me he liked the inside of my house. Strange, but flattering. Another little boy was very excited because we have water (bottles on the porch. they are heavy so I try to avoid lifting them too often and therefore they stay on the porch) and pumpkins and plants...He was cute. I've never seen a kid so excited about water bottles.
All in all it was good evening. It would have been better if I hadn't been in a funk over conversations with T yesterday, but I'm already feeling better about that.

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