Monday, November 07, 2005

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Good: I had my nail lady file my nails short enough that I may be able to start practicing my guitar again, my fingers do not "tap" the keyboard anymore, I was able to put on a lobster clasp necklace this morning (fingernails), and, I get to leave early from work today.

Bad: I'm leaving work early because I have to go the the dentist and get fillings.

Ugly: I have a habit of chewing the inside of my mouth when I am nervous or bored. When I am shot up with novacaine, I can't feel the damage I am doing, so I end up with big gaping holes in my lips. eew.


Sensei Ern said...

Good for you to start on the guitar again. If you are ever in the DC area, we can jam. I can play my guitar, or if you prefer, you could play a standard rhythm progression and I will play the banjo to lead.

You can hear a practice where Ben and I are practicing before a church performance:

Then, click on 19 minutes of practice.

Ignore the horrible stand up recordin as this was done a year ago, when I was just starting. I leave it there to keep me humble.

gdovlba: Russian for, "Sorry about the horrible comedy performance"

Sargini said...

Hey sweetie. Boy have I missed you. I have been so busy since I decided to get into handyman service, which turned into custome cabinet maker / home remoldeler. I have my own warehouse now. My gross was $19,000 last month. My computer took a shit. I think I downloaded some porn with somekind of virous(if that's how you spell it?). My brother is at my house with his lap top. SOOOOOOOOOO I'm taking advantage. I'm cathing up on bills finally. Chrysler is not calling anymore.... I want to pay my jeep off this year. I owe $4,400 left. Man it's been tough but finally we will be done with that outragous payment. I told my wife if my company starts to grow big time, I will have to hire a secretary( backbone of the company). I told her if she does not want to work with me I am going to hire Ginemonster. And she is going to be over payed and under worked. Well I can go on all night. I have to eat dinner soon. You should just call me. It would be easier to stay in touch. 786-312-5270. I have unlimited longdistants so I can call you right back on my quarter.
It's been to long, and Im sorry for not staying in touch.
Talk to you later,

Ginamonster said...

Good to see you back. Are you sure you want to post your phone number here? you could have emailed it to me...I don't want a bunch of psychos to be calling you...(I can't figure out how to edit that out without losing your comment) Of course, I don't know what I am concerned about, the seven people who actually come here are all psycho in a good way.

Sensei Ern said...

Seeing the phone number, i truly expected it was a hoax.

The way to do it is for sarge to copy the whole thing and Gina deleting the post and sarge reposting. Or, Gina could copy, delete and repost it with a disclaimer that it was really from sarge.

reolrxr: a washed up rock band making its come-back tour, ala KISS

cyouincourt007 said...

let em call arrr. I am using capt. computer.

cyouincourt007 said...

its me sargini