Tuesday, November 01, 2005

He won't get in trouble!

He's going to make sure that the odds are stacked for him! it will be a miss trial! something will happen and this man, who has admitted he was bad, will get away with it and go back to being one of our head lawmakers. a man who does not respect the law, and I am so very very angry...



Sensei Ern said...

You may tribute my opinion to being a Republican, and if you do, there is nothing I can do to convince you otherwise.

FIrst, the actions he admitted to were not illegal when he did them. That does not dismiss him from the moral issue. Also, the same practice was done by other senators, on both sides; it's just that no other district attorney has gone after senators because what they did was before the law became active.

Legally, you cannot prosecute someone for an act committed before it became against the law.

You saw the same thing done to Trent Lott in the Senate. However, in that attack, right after the charges were presented, every cockroach in the senate, of both parties, revealed that they "found" some "errors" in their record keeping.

I hope you are aware, there are people in both parties who want the leadership out.

On the opposite side, they hope to give the Republicans a black eye that the regular voter will see as corruption throughout the Repub party.

On the Repub side, they want them out so they can move up to the leadership position.

Some of these guys,of both parties, are such megalomaniacs the they would cut their own mother's throat if it got them the leadership position.

OK, let's reveiw, before I get lost. 1. Everyone did it before it was illegal. 2. Both parties had people out for his head. 3. Many of the people in both parties are self-centered SOBs who would sell their children to get elected and to gain power.

NOw, having said all that, I think you should join the Republican party. Based on past discussions, you would be accepted in about 90% of your beliefs. You have more character than some in politics. You could run and be voted in as a congresswoman, especially in California.

If you got elected, maybe you could be the one that holds these guys feet to the fire. Maybe you could get some of the corruption out. I plan on doing that in a few years...but first, I need to secure my presidential candidacy for 2008.

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Ginamonster said...

You won't convert me. i deeply believe that too much emphasis is put on bi partisan politics and not enough on the true act of running our country. Both saide of the arguement have valuable positions, but we tend to be so busy worrying about whether a republican or a democrat is in office, and so busy trying to get them out so that the other party can take over, that I don't think enough gets done. I also think that special interest projects get so much attention that the good of the nation as a whole suffers. It is upon these platforms that I would consider running for office. Since I do occationally consider it, as I am an ethical person and would like to think I would do a good job, I try to avoid having any nakid pictures of me taken.

I was not aware that it was not against the law when the Senetor performed the act. They are all sleeze bags.

Good luck running for office.