Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I am a bitch today

Dear GRBF,
If you want to take a hot beverage, and you are not travelling in your car, please take one of the multitude of mugs we have in our cupboard. Do not take my Travelling Cup (and leave the lid in the drainer)so that it is not there when I want it. I have belongings so that they are there when I want them. I don't mind sharing if I have more than one. I don't even mind sharing things I rarely use. But if it's in the drainer, two days in a row, in fact, if you see me stay up an extra few minutes to make sure it is clean (while I left my other dishes) chances are, I want it in the morning when I get up. If you were paying rent or utilities, perhaps I might be forgiving. Perhaps I might have gone looking for a different travelling cup, since I know I made a couple at scrapbooking club that are very cute. Except this is a very NICE once that was a gift. To me, not you. So I guess what I am trying to say is, stay out of my shit you fucking leech.

Hmm. that didn't work. I am still pissy. must be hormonal. or I'm just tired of people. Mind you, I still think highly of Girl Roomie. and I fear that my antagonistic attitude towards her BF is straining our friendship. I really don't see what she sees. I know that has been said about me many times. but, case in point, when he left her room this morning, he left her door open, so that the radio I listen to while I get ready (she cannot hear it with her door shut, I ask all the time) flowed directly into her room. Does he not care if she wakes up? I shut the door for her just in case. She doesn't have to be at work today until noon. I also got the feeling he needed to get into the bathroom, but I wasn't going to be late to work on account of him. Once again, if he were paying rent or utilities, I might feel a bit more hospitable. Or If he were staying over as an exception rather than a rule. but he's beyond (way beyond) the guest phase. I have nothing nice to say.


Sensei Ern said...

What if he got a bikini-clad dishwasher to match the bikini-clad wall hangers?

jbcmtchm: a dishwasher that matches the bikini-clad wallhangers.

Ginamonster said...

That would not make up for me having to deal with him. and that would be more people adding to the bills in the house. He has stayed there nearly two months strait. My hospitality meter is at 0.

JC said...

Haha, funny post.

If he keeps taking your travel mug, you could always leave a big thing of dish soap in the bottom of it, so when he goes to use it in the morning...well...let's just say he won't forget the experienece anytime soon.

He sounds like a freeloader. Yuck.

Ginamonster said...

Yeah, he is. My cup has reappeared, but I didn't wash it so I still can't use it. hmm. then agian, neither can he...