Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So my coworker comes to me today to tell me that there's a really nice guy that is a vendor here who is recently divorced, and hey, how's about him.

I replied that he does seem to be very nice, and that he's looking a lot thinner lately, and that if he continues his downward trend, I might be interested.

She could not believe how shallow I was being. She said it should be about brains and personality, and not about looks.

I see it this way. It's looks that initially attract us to someone. Then, the rest is important. This guy in question was not ugly before. I just tend to be attracted to skinny men. It's how I am wired. I would never tell a man I am not interested in him because of his weight, that would be cruel. I am always happy to make a new friend. I also recognise that there are likely men out there who see me and think, "she would be attractive to me if she lost a few pounds" I don't want them to tell me that, but I know it is true.

So perhapsI am being shallow by temporarily dismissing this gentleman. but I also don't think it would be right to go out with him knowing that I am not attracted to him. I did that this year already and it felt like crap.

Kind of a moot point anyway considering he's never approached me for anything. Maybe he's waiting until I drop a few more pounds!


Gary said...

It is just human nature to be attracted to some and not others. It's not shallow or anything to feel bad about. Nice post.

Karen said...

OMG I just read your post about microwave pork rinds! I can't believe it, I just happened to notice them yesterday standing in line at Walmart, and eeeeewww as well! Doesn't that just sound disgusting? I mean you might as well have snack paks of bulls balls. lol New reader here, liking your stuff!

Ginamonster said...

Thank you Gary! as always!

Karen! welcome to my madness! I'll try to get over to yours tomorrow!