Friday, March 10, 2006


you know I'm in a funk when I need to go play with the drunk guy to make me smile. I love it when he yodels. click on "play home run". I know that unless you read german, it won't make sense, but if I can figure it out, so can you. my remembered record is 17 meters.

This morning I couldn't find anything to wear. and I'm wearing fullbutts instead of thongs and they're all bunchy under my nylons. I forgot to take my pill wednesday night so I didn't shave last night because I thought it was wednesday instead of thursday. Yesterday I thought it was friday when I woke up and I actually used "you can sleep in tomorrow" as consolation for having to get out of bed. then reality hit. but I still had to get out of bed. Truly, I would go home early today if I could. But I can't, so here I am, blogging and becoming increasingly stressed about the work I am not doing, but having no motivation to actually get it done.



Sensei Ern said...

49 meters...using a trackball.

THW said...

On 3rd try: 103 meters. Microsoft Optical Mouse