Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The trip

ordinarily I don't have a problem with Blogger. Today, I had this post all done, and it didn't publish and I can't retrieve it. grr.

I took thursday off and went to LA to mee my sister and her husband. It wasn't until I had been there awhile that i realized that I forgot my pills and my hairbrush. The hairbrush I can live without, but the pills keep my hormones normal so I had my wonderful friend who was feeding the critters overnight them to me. We reached Carson City at about 3:30 am.

Friday I awoke and went upstairs to see a beautiful view for the Sierras from the back porch. I had never seen them before. We laid about all day Friday. It was really nice to just relax. By the time everyone arrived, there were 12 people in the house, and it didn't feel a bit crowded. My Aunt and Uncle's home is very welcoming, and I felt completely comfortable there.

Saturday it snowed! and I witnessed snowfall for the first time. I don't consider flurries. We headed up for a half day on the slopes, and after complaining a lot, I rediscovered how much I enjoy snowboarding. It was windy and snowy, but the powder was fresh and deep. It didn't really hurt when I fell on it. I was left with a frozen smile. That night we headed into Carson City for Contra Dancing. way fun. And only slightly embarassing when my slippery borrowed shoes got tangled up in my long skirt and I fell on my face. The impact made my ganglian cyst bigger, but I got right back up laughing and continued the dance.

Sunday, sadly, it was time to go. We left the lovely Carson City. I would have liked to have spent more time, and I have to say that I would consider moving there if I were to leave San Diego, but you know how it is. real life beckoned.

The drive down the 395 was gorgeous. I never did get to see Lake Tahoe, but the other lakes I did see on our return made up for it. Mono Lake was my favorite. It reflected the sky like a mirror. We passed many historical sites. I would have liked to have stopped, but it was getting late. next time though. I finally arrived at my house around 11:30, and I went strait to bed!

Yesterday and today I am like a new woman. Rested and happy. This morning I even gathered the courage to wack my wrist on the bathroom counter to deplete my cyst (this is the doctor recommended method of cure. actually, he told me to whack it with a bible) and although it hurt like mad, it did go down quite a bit. it's still sore though. AND, I'm proud to say that when the conversation jokingly turned to the idea of T stalking me, and I offered to leave him cookies, he said "only if you want me to stay" and I said, after surpressing my urge to keep my fingers quiet, "I always want you to stay" the joking resumed after that, but at least I said what I was feeling for once. fat lot of good it did, but you never know, right?

I'm looking forward to going home and purging the crap some more tonight. You wouldn't believe some of the things I have held onto over the years. Cleaning out my storage unit has really opened my eyes to my habit of keeping everything, and I am actively working on getting rid of all the extra.

I went shopping last night for Harbucks uniforms, and discovered that Target only carries cropped pants and Old Navy only carries pants for skinnybutts. Damn them both. I tried men's clothes, but they don't fit right either. sigh. I guss I will have to make do with what I have for now. I hate clothes shopping.


jen said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! Yay!!!

Ginamonster said...

I did. And yay!