Monday, March 06, 2006

puckin around

I am not a hockey fan. Not because I dislike it, but because I am ignorant to the game. I know a few things about it (kind of like soccer on ice. played with a puck. the puck is frozen. the best part of the game is when people fight. very popular in Canada). I have never been to a hockey game, although my city does have a team and I hear they are very good.
the following cracks me up about my city's team. In order to attract fans, they have giveaways. this is not odd, many sports teams give stuff away. Lets take a look at last weekend's schedule, shall we?

Friday night: T-shirt night (normal so far) and not just any kind of t-shirt, no, the first 5000 fans receive a free SLEEVELESS t-shirt. Sleeveless t shirts are not hot. I couldn't find a picture of said shirts online, but keep reading.

Saturday night: Disco night. With free afro wigs to the first 5000 fans. A-Fro wigs. in my search for the t-shirts mentioned above, I discovered something.

yes. the afro wigs were red. I suppose that it would be rather un PC to make them black. but I have to say, the blonde afro on the left is pretty funny. The red ones? I'd say it looks more like Jerome Furniture sponsored Ronald McDonald night.

Maybe I will attend a hocky game. Bring your dog to the game night is coming up, and I love puppies. I think I will skip sleeveless t shirt and disco night though. If I wanted a red afro, I'd put my hair in curlers. Who knows? maybe I could score a date with blonde afro guy.

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