Friday, March 17, 2006

Bunny update

If you look closely you can see the Pus in Jack's eye.

he's getting worse. I noticed yesterday that there is a considerably larger abount of pus in his eye. it's bright white instead of yellowish, and it almost completely obstructs his vision. I also noticed that the eye is weepy.

Since I have read about the symptoms of pasturella, I know that the nickname for it is snuffles and that it causes runny bunny noses. So when I noticed his eye last night, I checked his forepaws for signs of snot. There didn't appear to be any, but I looked at his nose and it looks damp, which is not right, bunnies don't have wet noses.

What is the answer? I don't know. I need to call the vet tonight and find out what my best course of action is. He told me before that the next step would be bunny opthamalogist, but I don't think I want to spend the money. I feel wrong thinking of my finances before the life of another living creature, but I have to be realistic and logical. I had hoped that the medications would clear up his problems, but all of the websites I have seen have suggested that there really is no cure for pasturella and that long term medications is the only answer. I have also read that the only way to clear the pus is to scrape it out. surgically. I have not started my new job yet, so funds are still tight, and will be until I get my first paycheck. (and even then, I don't really know how much I will be making...)

I know what T would tell me to do (he's one of my more logical friends, often playing the voice of reason to my wild ideas. well, really most of my wild ideas have something to do with gathering more pets...) I'm sure if I asked, he would do it for me and save me the cost of euthanasia. It's not like the gopher, I can't just hook Jack up to boy roomie's tail pipe and let the carbon monoxide take care of him. He's my pet, you know?

However, I need to figure out what to do soon because I see conflicting reports on the affect that pasturella can have on humans and birds. Losing Jack would be hard. Losing Jack AND Baby would be even harder. She's a tough old bird, but it is a respratory ailment, and birds have delicate lungs. come to think of it, so do I...

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Zube Girl said...

Dang. Poor Jack. I know what you mean, though, with having to be reasonable with expenses for pets. It's difficult to imagine spending a ton of money and it's something that only you can decide.